A Mensagem: Restaurant and bar on terrance in Alcântara

The meeting between India and Portugal, Lisbon and Goa, is made in the kitchen and also in the decoration of the space, which despite referring everything to the Indian oasis, has a Portuguese presence in the wood and national marbles that give life to the terrace.

At the top of Baluarte do Livramento, a historic guardhouse overlooking Cristo Rei and the 25th of April Bridge, this panoramic terrace takes us on a journey to India. Puffs, cushions, shade awnings, small figurines and towels arranged throughout the space, everything takes us to the east, and to Goa, had the rooftop not been donated by Casa de Goa, the association to which the space belongs.

Five “citizens of the world” met in Lisbon and opened a panoramic terrace that is reminiscent of an Indian oasis. Despite plans to expand the red line to Alcântara, which could endanger the rooftop, the developers decided to take a risk. Go A Lisboa already provides work for more than 40 people.