SUNCHASERS settles in our storeWe are a network devoted to encouraging human beings to include and specific their actual selves. We consider that color brings vibrancy and pleasure to our lives, and we try to foster a way of life of positivity and celebration.

Our merchandise are designed to encourage playfulness, self-confidence, and inclusivity. We need every day to be an possibility for exploration and self-discovery. We consider that through celebrating and embracing diversity, we will create a greater colourful and accepting world. Our merchandise are a mirrored image of this belief, and we are hoping they may be a supply of proposal and pleasure for all who put on them.

Carola Bernard is a skilled and numerous style insider who has lived and studied in numerous primary towns round the world. With a diploma in Buying and Merchandising from London College of Fashion and training. At SUNCHASERS, we recognize that the great of the cloth is just as critical because the layout of the garment. That's why we take first rate care in choosing our fabric. We need to make sure that our clothes now no longer handiest appearance correct however additionally experience comfortable. From soft, weightless silks to breathable cotton, we pick our fabric with interest and attention for each fashion and practicality.

We consider in developing a wonderful effect on each humans and the planet. That's why we attempt to hold nature, community, and craft in thoughts while developing our portions. One manner we do that is by specializing in recycled fabric every time possible. By the usage of materials which have already been produced, we will lessen the stress on the surroundings and restriction the usage of treasured resources. In addition, we additionally fee the significance of retaining traditional strategies and helping nearby communities. That's why we work with professional artisans in India, in which our portions are hand-dyed. 

When we feel empowered in what we are wearing, we influence our presence, our spirit, and the way we speak.

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