Hosted Mondays - Talks, Chefs, Bartenders & Artists

One more project has just been launched!

Today marks the beginning of the first edition of Hosted Mondays, starting at 19h at the Supper Club. This exciting project is comprised of three distinct phases:

- Talk: from 19h to 20h - an informal conversation on a topic that will be announced every week, along with the guest speaker.

- Gathering: from 20h to 22h - prepare for a delightful convergence of travel-acquired knowledge, inspiration, and shared experiences, all wonderfully complemented by tantalizing gastronomy and beverages.

- DJ set: from 22h to 01h - immerse yourself in the rhythm and let the music carry you away on a captivating journey

Every Monday there will be four different guests - a speaker, a chef, a bartender, and an artist.

Today's program promises to be exceptional with Francisco Teixeira delving into the intriguing topic of "Techno-Shamanism: a door to the future of clubbing." Following that, Chef Vitor Hugo and Bartender Yaggo Medeiros will treat us to their expertise, and the evening will culminate with an electrifying DJ set performed by Loren!

Are you curious? Come join us!


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