Go to Lisbon. The name is a pun, between Goa, the Indian city former Portuguese trading post. And the “go to” of the English.
This name is not chosen at random. The establishment is installed on the roof of the “casa de Goa”, the house of Goa. The house of Goa is a non-profit institution which is intended to promote the Goense culture.
And besides, it welcomes nationals from Goa as well as those from Damião and Diu, the two other Portuguese counters. The 5 friends who decided to launch Go A Lisboa fell in love with the place, steeped in history.
In fact, the space adjoins the last wall of the Livramento defense fort, built in 1652. The fort built on one of the hills of Alcântara enjoyed a breathtaking view of the Tagus. And today it is this view that the Go A Lisboa offers us.