"Vamos & Welcome" is the welcome message that can be found at the entrance of the Go to Lisbon and which immediately lets us guess that it is a space for everyone and for everyone. Five founders from various corners of the world exchange words in Portuguese and English in a conversation that mixes, but which is understood and enjoyed.

I took my time there for a brunch that grabbed me from the first bite. But I won't take too long to relate the story that gave rise to this space and which, by the way, is wonderful. In fact, to imagine how full the history of this space is, I would even risk writing a book. That said, the most important thing is to know that this is the HOT SPOT of the moment in Lisbon, whether during the day, afternoon or night; and for meetings for two, in small groups or large events. Nothing was left to chance.

In the kitchen, we have a chef who is going to be talked about for the best reasons, Chef Inga Martin. Not even her beauty goes unnoticed. She is a kitchen enthusiast who, with humility, added the knowledge of the tradition of Goan families to her dishes. Inga sat at the table for a few minutes and the pride in what she is doing and representing can be felt in every word she uses to describe her entry into the project.

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