Take some of our magic home with you: step into Go A Lisboa’s concept store and discover the handpicked treasures of Lisbon’s hottest designers. Shop playful and versatile kimonos, ponchos, shirts & trousers made with sustainable fabrics by Mammabelle, and don’t miss Teddyhats original bespoke hats, amongst other incredible brands that capture the flavors of our home; Sunchasers, Perluchi, Isadora Limare just to name a few!


Opening hours

Mondays to Thursdays from 16:00 until 23:00
Fridays 2pm - 11pm
Saturdays and Sundays 1pm - 11pm


Mamma Belle

We create effortless fashion for any occasion.

Our versatile one-of-a-kind pieces are handmade with love, ethically sourced and made locally. Available in neutral and soft palettes, colourful sequins, prints and easy to wear lengths and styles.

These flexible pieces are designed to be worn by anyone and for any occasion, from day to night. With Mamma Belle you wear by your own rules: there is no limit to fashion freedom.

Teddy Hats

Making hats is about building a social sculpture, a persona, a culture. They create companions not just accessories. A hat personifies the roles we play on the world’s stage. - Nothing is set. But a creature adapts to it’s habitats.

Since 2019 Teddy Hats has been creating unique and handcrafted hats based in their Studio in Lisbon.

Each piece is one of a kind, handmade love and each detail inspired by freedom, adventure and those who are willing to write their own story.


These natural quartz are birthed from Earth. Minerals formed by pressure and heat, under extreme conditions. Each one of them carrying their own precious energy and today used for many healing methods.

The stones are sourced worldwide, created into unique bracelets made of brass and a 14k gold wire. All handmade by a small family in south of Florida. Now to share their beautiful energy and healing powers with the rest of the world.

Available in Aquamarine, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.


Perluchi is a collage on inspiration, a fusion of our memories collected through time, eclectic travels and nostalgia.

Influenced by ancient traditions and artisanal techniques they aspire to create a wardrobe of timeless pieces that make for amazing memories.

We praise self-expression and emotions, creative exploration, curiosity and freedom as tools to connect to their community through pieces that can spark life and preserve memories.


Sunchasers has colourful unisex sets, designed for summer lovers.
All sets are hand tie-dye cottons, made in India.

Caring for your clothes is caring for the environment.


Baladí is a unique and nature-inspired accesories brand based in Lisbon. Our earrings are a celebration of the floral world, specially focused on its outstanding shapes and colors, which our designer Arantxa Abad chooses based on her artwork that comes from tattooing, drawing or painting. Arantxa, together with Elena Ugarte, founder of Baladí, create these unique collections out of a need to bring color to our daily lives, just like nature does.


Amari is your portal to Africa, combining art, fashion and exclusive African travel experiences, specially designed to amuse and inspire.

Founded to promote Africa in an engaging and conscious way, bringing the essence of African cultures into the lifestyle of all lovers of art, design and unique travel experiences.

Isadora Limare

Isadora Limare's bags in the collection have been designed to suit you and meet your needs.

Beyond its mischievous and tangy aesthetic, PRYSM cheerfully plays with conventions and renews the codes of Luxury by offering you a practical and stylish alternative.

They have multiple facets that will surely surprise you.

Forest Sunglasses

Forest Sunglasses was founded in 2022 out of love for vintage sunglasses and frames. Since day one we are known by selling old stock eyewear from a vast collection of brands.
We have always been committed to one goal: High-quality vintage eyewear at affordable prices. Besides selling limited editions from well-known brands, we
customize sunglasses with vintage frames and OPTIMIZE® lenses.
We proudly to say that Forest Sunglasses until today, promotes a zero waste
lifestyle as it sells dead-stock eyewear.
By supporting our business, our customers are promoting sustainability in the coolest

Pepino brand

Patricia always loved being creative and decided to make her own brand of hand-made clay mushroom earrings, each pair bursting with different colours and designs. Pepino brand more recently adding some more elegant models to the collection.

Balance Ibiza

A handmade jewellery brand where we pride ourselves on combining elegance and durability in our creations. All our necklaces are stainless steel, 18k/24k gold or electrophoresis black plated, with unique designs of individual pendants, quartz, crystals and stones. We offer a sophisticated style to every outfit, worry-free as we do not use brass, lead, cadmium, nickel or any type of alloy.

Seven Flower

Established in the midst of a global pandemic (2021), our mission is to provide people with high-quality organic medicinal mushroom-based supplements grown and produced sustainably in Europe to fortify immunity and mental health, preventing disease.

Seven Flower vision is to heal the world one beautiful human being at the time and enable them to reach their full potential.


Pieces to create spaces where you feel relaxed and inspired. At Caeli we genuinely believe that a better world starts in a slow home. Always, ethically made. Caeli, like the most beautiful projects, was born from a dream. The dream to share the beautiful things that we were seeing during a long trip to India. These things were natural, pure, authentic, brave, and still very elegant. And that’s how we want Caeli to be.Caeli has changed and evolved since then, but the core values are still the same: we care about the what, the who and the how on every single product. This is why we only work with ethical suppliers, and we ensure fair working conditions in every product. 

Ego Self Care

Resilient Mat - Celebrates our emotional strength and honours our capacity to overcome life adversities. The mix of cork granules with recycled rubber offers additional grip, reminding us of our emotional strength and resilience Clarity natural cork yoga mat - This mat celebrates the importance of clarity in our thoughts and mind. The use of natural cork reminds us to embrace the purest side of us, your most truthful self, free of judgement, self-doubt and distractions Wild Brown Cork yoga mat - Celebrate your wild nature with the brown cork mat. This mat is for the risk takers, it’s for those who like to push and be out of their comfort zone. It’s for those who are not afraid and like to live freely. Brown agglomerated cork textile


ONA is a remarkable festival clothing brand from Mexico that specializes in one-piece jumpsuits and catsuits. Fusing fashion, art, and music, ONA offers stylish, original designs that embody the spirit of creativity. With a focus on slow fashion and exclusive pieces, each garment is meticulously crafted to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Step into an ONA jumpsuit or catsuit and unleash your individuality with confidence and style.


Ravage is a muse, an art of living, a wild landscape, a woman and a jewelry. By entering its atmosphere, Ravage will flood you with the iodized smells of its jewels straight out of the ocean, with sandy, rocky or smooth textures, with colored stones. Enter the universe of this one and discover its secrets through its collection.


Landalba is a mexican brand that is very proud towork side by side with the creative and amazing artisan communities from Oaxaca and Chiapas, creating one of a kind pieces that have not only material value,  but sentimental as well.

Lisbon Insiders

Lisbon Insiders is an independent magazine that celebrates the beauty
and authenticity of Lisbon. Through this magazine you will discover
the Lisbon food scene and its gems from a different perspective. We
shed light on amazing places and the hottest spots thanks to
contributions from some of Portugal's leading food journalists. It is
an annual publication in both English and Portuguese.

Yaaxché Boutique

Yaaxché Boutique takes its name from the sacred Ceiba tree, or YaaxChé of Maya culture, which represents the universe and all its interconnected parts.
In Maya language, "Yaax" means green, while "Ché" means tree.
For the ancient Maya, the Ceiba was the tree that held up the universe and symbolized wisdom and protection.
It also played a vital role in their spiritual beliefs, representing the cycle of life and the interconnectedness between all of us.
Today, the Ceiba (YaaxChé) remains an important symbol of the natural world and a key ally in efforts to protect and reforest our planet.
Through Yaaxché Boutique, we honor the legacy of the Maya people and their reverence for the natural world, while promoting sustainable fashion and ethical production practices.