Rooftop & Supper Club Bar

Unique Flavour Bombs

Just as everything else in our Rooftop & Supper Club Restaurant & bar, our Menus has something to every taste. With a wide selection of Portuguese and International wines, Mezcal tasting and innumerous options for spirits, it is our exclusive Cocktails Menu that will surprise you through an exciting journey.

Created by our mixologists Fernando Delprá and Pablo Straubel, using seasonal, local and healthy ingredients, the concept behind our drinks goes within every single step of its creation and zero waste. With Ayurveda inspiration, warm yourself with the hot wine sangria, Ushna, or take your feelings to the Madrem, one of the famous beaches of Goa. This menu is a unique experience in our Rooftop & Supper Club in the heart of Lisbon.


Dinner Food Experience

Rooftop or Supper Club, try our winter dinner menu, with seasonal, local and premium ingredients, though especially for this time of year. Whatever you choose, dinner at Go A Lisboa will be a memorable event. This menu is made for all dietary preferences: meat, fish, veggie, and vegan.

Brunch - Breakfast & Lunch

From serving our delicious and vibrant brunch and our Go A creations inspired in Portuguese and Goan culinary background and passion for storytelling through food. Delight yourself with our contemporary menu, created by chef Inga Martin, with more than fifteen options for the most different tastes. Brunch will never be the same.