GO A Lisboa - Indoor Restaurant & Bar

The Supper Club

What there is even more space? Yes! For 250 pax we have the Supper Club space below our Rooftop Oasis.

What is a Supper Club you wonder? When its not your event space its daily use is it's a place to enjoy drinks, multiple courses, dessert and perhaps some music or other entertainment. When you walk in, you usually will first go to the bar area take a drink. There is often a feeling of community in supper clubs — people are here to socialize. Then we invite you to into an enthusiastic gastronomy journey. And dance. When we open the club dancefloor on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Its also a corporate event space where you can present to 100 pax in front of a beamer. Or celebrate victories. Or birthdays. And Christmas parties. Or have a morning gathering including Yoga space and then a boozy brunch.

Comes with a squared bar space with up to 20 pax that can sit around the counters and the 3 cocktail stations. And a 2nd Bar at the end of … the dancefloor for easily 150 people and 200 ravers. And a dope soundsystem you can turn up loud. Excited? So are we. The Supper Club is the perfect place to your cozy and superb events.

Go A Lisboa. Vamos! & Welcome.