Go A Lisboa - Restaurant & Bar in Lisbon | Rooftop & Club

Tired of the conventional?
Get ready for the extraordinary.

We invite you to step into our Rooftop Oasis & The Supper Club experiences in the heart of Lisbon. Here is where we create joy and magic with every moment.

Even during the winter our Lisbon's largest rooftop is covered with windproof/rainproof glasswalls and warm with infrared heaters 25º at night. For an indoor experience, try out our Supper Club restaurant & bar to enjoy drinks, multiple courses a la carte and perhaps some music and/or other entertainment.

From serving our delicious and vibrant brunch for breakfast and lunch. Go A Lisboa creations inspired by Inga’s culinary background and passion for storytelling through food. To our lunch and dinner menu that is inspired by the legacy of Goan cuisine fused with modern Portuguese & International flavours and for all dietary preferences: meat, fish, veggie, and vegan.

Taste our unique flavour bombs. Our creative mixologist, have produced a playfull yet refined menu of cocktails. Further we offer a wide Portuguese and International selection of beers, spirits, wines, mocktails, kombuchas, sydra and naturals. Come for a quick beat or stay for a long while: we’ll welcome you here just the same way in our restaurants and bars. Go A Lisboa is the playground that you make out of it!

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